Some products are made within a few days, while others have a lead time of several months. Innovative production processes make to possible to meet every customer wish in terms of time, quality and costs. You define the respective application case and the application area of your product and we define the right manufacturing process for you.
The construction of a prototype should not only be seen as a necessary, but rather be considered as a development for the subsequent manufacturing process. For cost and time reasons, this development process is often skipped and a standard tool is installed immediately. High follow-up costs and production losses that now result from changes and optimisations in production, however, are the rule for many customers in our experience.
plastec always recommends building fully functional prototypes according to all properties of the series….as a perfect preparation for the subsequent production.

We deliver according to the customer’s request…

  • stamped items, SLS, SLA, vacuum casting, etc.
  • machined manufactured series
  • the simplest sprayed items with manual unloading
  • fully automatic with slide, pulling cores. Hydraulics etc.
  • suitable for series production with correction of all functional dimensions
  • Prototypes also in cooperation with your tool suppliers in order to take over the experiences from the development in series production
Your definition of the prototype determines the effort, the timeline and therefore the price and quality of the product.

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